As we enter the third lockdown, the following is an update around Criterion’s service. Unfortunately I am becoming well practised at this!

Our Support Team will continue to work at home. Our office in Guildford was open during October so that those staff who wanted a change of scene or some personal interaction could work there. Following the change of Government guidelines at the beginning of November the office closed again and will now remain closed until the current lockdown restrictions are lifted. Like everyone else, we very much hope the end may be in sight and we will open our office just as soon as we are able to but probably with more flexible working patterns than we have adopted in the past.

Our Adjusting Team continue to work from their homes as they always have done. During the initial lockdown the adjusters were undertaking virtual visits for the majority of claims using remote video technology. Over the months and depending on area tier restrictions, to reflect the demand from customers there has been a gradual move back towards site visits. During this current lockdown we will continue to offer site visits to customers and we will use our professional judgement as to whether a site visit should be carried out. Site meetings will only take place if the customer is in full agreement and only after full health screening and a complete risk assessment have been undertaken. During the visit strict social distancing and all other Covid protocols are carefully followed to safeguard the health of our staff, policyholders and all others that we may meet during the course of our visit. We will continue at all times to strictly follow the guidance from the UK Government, the NHS and HSE. Our reports will continue to clearly show whether a ‘Virtual Visit’ or a site visit has been undertaken.

The situation continues to evolve and we are continually monitoring the Government guidelines and our own working practices. As ever, if you have any concerns or queries whatsoever or if you would like any more information at all please feel free at any time to contact myself or our Operations Director, Mark Pierce (07825 451453,

James Long
Managing Director
January 6th 2021



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'The service we received was excellent thank you very much.'

Mr George Slater

'Excellent service and communication. A big thank you to Craig Harris for all the help and guidance throughout.'

Miss T Kassir

'Thank you for your help in our claim it was dealt with very professionally and your input was very helpful.'

Mr Michael Misseroti

'Excellent service.'

Mr Robert Kilroy-Silk

'All of you gave us the great support throughout the whole project, communication was excellent, work standards were very high, builders always went extra mile, so very happy with the project execution. A massive thank once again! I found Mark very easy to deal with in the difficult services of Covid. Thank you for your official handling of the claim.'

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

'Thanks for all your help and interest, I am very happy.'

Dr Annie McGuiness-Park

'I can assure you that recent local experiences have clearly shown your operations are far superior than those advertised on Television and elsewhere. You can quote me anytime.'

Mr Michael Tarrant

'Thank you for your kind help and guidance during this distressing occurrence.'

Mr Rodney Lane

'This claim went well and the client was very pleased with the adjuster and how things progressed so thank you.'

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