As we enter the third lockdown, the following is an update around Criterion’s service. Unfortunately I am becoming well practised at this!

Our Support Team will continue to work at home. Our office in Guildford was open during October so that those staff who wanted a change of scene or some personal interaction could work there. Following the change of Government guidelines at the beginning of November the office closed again and will now remain closed until the current lockdown restrictions are lifted. Like everyone else, we very much hope the end may be in sight and we will open our office just as soon as we are able to but probably with more flexible working patterns than we have adopted in the past.

Our Adjusting Team continue to work from their homes as they always have done. During the initial lockdown the adjusters were undertaking virtual visits for the majority of claims using remote video technology. Over the months and depending on area tier restrictions, to reflect the demand from customers there has been a gradual move back towards site visits. During this current lockdown we will continue to offer site visits to customers and we will use our professional judgement as to whether a site visit should be carried out. Site meetings will only take place if the customer is in full agreement and only after full health screening and a complete risk assessment have been undertaken. During the visit strict social distancing and all other Covid protocols are carefully followed to safeguard the health of our staff, policyholders and all others that we may meet during the course of our visit. We will continue at all times to strictly follow the guidance from the UK Government, the NHS and HSE. Our reports will continue to clearly show whether a ‘Virtual Visit’ or a site visit has been undertaken.

The situation continues to evolve and we are continually monitoring the Government guidelines and our own working practices. As ever, if you have any concerns or queries whatsoever or if you would like any more information at all please feel free at any time to contact myself or our Operations Director, Mark Pierce (07825 451453,

James Long
Managing Director
January 6th 2021



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'Communication from your representative Stuart Dean was notably excellent. We would have no hesitation in recommending your company.'

Mr Barker and Mrs Kaye

'Thank you Jonathan for the information and once again for all your help over the course of the claim.'

Mrs Lisa Hawkes

'I would like to thank you for being so prompt in looking after this claim for us and for your patience with answering my questions arising from the damage. It was certainly a comfort to know that everything was handled so well.'

Sir T Hicks

'Thank you for coming out to see me and the water damage at Chesterfield and your kind work to help me in getting the cost of repair recovered. I very much appreciate it.'

Mr Allen Rosengren

'I am absolutely delighted with the work carried out, by the way - the ground floor looks fantastic, and many thanks once again for your generosity in allowing the staircase to be done as well.'

Ms A Lechner

'Very many thanks for all this, and for looking after us so well throughout the whole rather gruelling process, which has been very much appreciated. Again, can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for us.'

Robin Behar Esq

'I am happy to say that the service we received from Jonathan Walls was excellent. - helpful, responsive and constructive.'

Mr David Evered

'I was sitting here about to write to you, full of my thanks. David please accept my thanks again, because I know it would not have gone so smoothly without you on board. The original first few months without you were a nightmare.'

Mrs Wendy Hegarty

'I am extremely grateful to you personally for your professionalism but also your humanity which enabled a very helpful settlement to be reached.'

Mr John Hungerford

'Laura Clarke has been excellent all the way through not just on this claim, also on the previous claims. Thank you.'

The Executors of Mrs Leeper