During 2020 Criterion were receiving an increased number of large loss instructions from a wide range of our Principals. As we did not at that stage have a dedicated Major Loss service in place, we re-organised the Criterion team to reflect our clients’ needs and the changing profile of our work.

Criterion has always had peer review, quality control and staff licensing mechanisms as part of or structure but not specifically geared to Major Loss. To improve our service delivery, from January 2021 Criterion launched our new Major Loss Service. This service defined a number of our more experienced and/or qualified adjusters as Major Loss Managers (MLM). This senior team has been split into geographic regions as follows:


  –  Mark Pierce (National)

  –  David Mello (South 2)

  –  Helena Evans (South 1)

  –  Paul Taylor (Central)

  –  Sean Fitzgerald (North)

  –  John Llywarch (South West)

  –  Alistair Spence (Alba)

  –  Justin Boydell (South 3)


The MLM’s support and are supported by the remaining members of the Criterion adjusting team with all staff having had their licensing thresholds reviewed.

Our Major Loss Service has been well received by clients and they have noted and commented favourably with regards to the additional procedures including our new Major Loss reporting formats. Where the complexity or size of any new loss merits it, those claims will be transferred and managed in full by the area MLM.

Should you want any more information about this service please do not hesitate to contact our Operations Director Mark Pierce.