Criterion believe an adjusting service for High Net Worth customers should be based upon choice and flexible settlement options. In many cases the customer will have their own favoured contractor and this will frequently represent the preferred settlement path, subject of course to validation of the scope and cost. Criterion do not consider the use of adjusting companies’ own in-house suppliers is generally an appropriate solution as there is unavoidable conflict between validation and fulfillment. We have therefore developed a sophisticated regional network consisting of the very best independent suppliers in all of the required areas including:


  –  Disaster Restoration

  –  Building Contractors

  –  Chartered Surveyors and Engineers

  –  Salvage


We have identified the organisations across all sectors and individuals within these organisations providing the very best service and their performance is carefully monitored.

We also work very closely with leading organisations in specialist areas such as forensic investigation and oil remediation. Criterion have a close working partnership in place with a leading fraud investigation company and we work with all of the main counter-fraud organisations.

We also have along established database of UK restorers, repairers and conservators. As well as national suppliers, this includes numerous smaller specialists covering more confined geographical areas but all providing a first class service in their particular field.

Criterion derive no management fees or income whatsoever from our supply network. Our panel suppliers are selected solely on performance and the use of a supplier for any particular claim is based only upon finding the most appropriate solution for that particular claim.

We also have extensive experience of working with various insurers own preferred supply chain partners and we are comfortable and conversant with this and all other types of supply arrangements.