Everyone at Criterion is working hard to ensure that we limit the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and maintain the best possible service.

Our support team, who normally work in our office in Guildford, switched to home working in March and this transition proved very smooth. We re-opened our office in early October but following the most recent Government guidelines the office is now closed again until early December and we will review this further as and when restrictions are lifted.

Our Survey team are only undertaking visits where there is a specific need and are undertaking desk top surveys where this is possible. We can also use remote video technology if internal access is not possible at the moment. Site visits are only completed after a health screening. During the visit strict social distancing and all other Covid protocols are carefully followed to safeguard the health of our staff, policyholders and all others that we may meet. We will continue at all times to strictly follow the guidance from the UK Government, the NHS and HSE. Our reports will continue to clearly show whether a desk top or a site visit has been undertaken.

We massively appreciate the support we have received from all of our clients, new and old, over the last few months and we are grateful for your understanding during these challenging times.

The situation of course continues to evolve and will be reviewed again whenever the guidelines are amended and in accordance with the latest advice. As ever, if you have any concerns or queries or if you would like any more information at all please feel free at any time to contact me or our Head of Surveys Jim Laity at 07920 179004

James Long
Managing Director
November 4th 2020



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