This service is one predominately purchased by brokers. The service has grown out of a demand from brokers who have found it increasingly difficult to properly assess appropriate sums insured for private clients. This has led to a spate of Professional Indemnity claims against them from policyholders that have been born out of shortfalls for under-insurance and provision of poor advice.

Brokers see the advantage of obtaining suitable professional advice from us at a reasonable price and can persuade their clients of the clear benefits that this service offers. Moreover, many brokers use our risk appraisals when presenting risks to Insurers and this has proved a powerful tool for them in placing risks. This service is an area of increasing growth for us and one that we will continue to develop.

This service provides brokers and their clients with a report on:

  –  Adequacy of sums insured

  –  Risk improvements 

  –  Coverage issues (warranties/endorsements)